my former pastor speaks out on gay marriage

This happened quite a while ago, now. Still, I thought it might be useful for anyone who cares to understand a little (a very little!)  of why I was closeted in this community.

It strikes me as very, very odd, indeed, to claim (indeed, to even believe) that granting a minority the rights had by the majority would therefore be an infringement on other human rights.

I guess it’s all apiece with the fundamentalist / evangelical self-identification as a persecuted minority, standing faithfully tall through the fiery onslaught of secular humanism, like Stephen standing tall while stoned to death by the religious leaders.

But when did respected religious leaders gain the right to see themselves the oppressed minority?


2 thoughts on “my former pastor speaks out on gay marriage

  1. flayed Hypatia Post author

    I think my favorite parts:

    1. Straight people are a threat to marriage, not gay people.

    2. This coming to terms with gay marriage is the coming out process for legislators.

    3. The comparison between gay and interratial marriage.

    4. The question isn’t whether gays should have kids, but whether we’re going to deny the children of gays the same rights their peers with straight parents have.

    5. The message to legislators: think ahead! What will the world think of your vote ten years from now?

    6. Those against gay marriage are very afraid of what will happen the day after we get married: nothing. The world won’t come to an end. Western Civilization won’t be decimated. And this worries them.

    7. Those who don’t like the idea of gay marriage usually feel this way because they can’t stand the idea of gay sex. Well, then they should endorse marriage, because everyone knows that then you don’t have sex anymore! (I love that tongue-in-cheek jab!)

    Thanks for that.


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