a question of evil or hate

I’ve finally found a great church home here in Lafayette. It’s taken me long enough! Of course, looking back on it, once I actually knew what I was looking for (someplace filled with grace and focused on the love of God, not the dogmas of tradition), it didn’t take me long to find it—only a couple of months. Sheesh.

In any case, yesterday my pastor asked this question that I would love to throw out there for discussion. It was a thought experiment, offered in the context of a debate we had over scientism and faith. (Yeah, I told you this was a cool place!)

Imagine, he said, we had the technology to alter the brain—be it to genetically alter or to carefully and pin-pointedly disable portions of it—such that no human was able to act evilly. Would we do it?

My responses to him (which I will not state here, so as not to limit the discussion) caused him to alter his question:

If we had the technology to alter the brain such that no human could hate, would we do it?

What do you think about either question?


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