Ix the Noox

A little boy in Mooxieland
Not so long ago
Came upon a Nooxie band
That Mooxies hated so.


They hated them because, you see,
They had a heavy book.
And in this book of Moox-history
There was a Nooxie crook.
This crook, named Ix, had caused a stir,
And Mooxies weren’t amused.
And so they wrote of Mooxies pure
But by Nooxie ill-used.
A jillion years went by that way—
“Bad Ix the Nooxie scum!”
And Mooxie children learned to stay
Far from the Nooxie slum.
Each Mooxie girl and Mooxie boy
Knew well the Ix-ish tale,
Knew Nooxies would try any ploy
To shame a Mooxie frail.
But one day this young Mooxie lad
Met Nooxies by mistake,
And though he knew Nooxies were bad,
A chance he thought he’d take:
He thought that he could maybe feign
A friendship in a plan
Designed to return Mooxie pain
To this small Nooxie clan.
So deep in Nooxieland he dared,
And Nooxie “friends” he made:
A dozen Nooxies he ensnared
In his well-planned charade.
He had them now, these vermin Noox,
And he would show them all
That nothing could ensnare a Moox
That wouldn’t itself fall.
So on the eldest Nooxie there
He boldly set his net;
And from the Nooxie in his snare,
He thought he’d hear some threat.
Though speak he did, no curse he raised,
This aged Nooxie man,
Whose soft and kind response amazed
The Mooxie charlatan.
“Do you not know,” the Noox asked him,
“About the Mooxie book?
Or have your elders only skimmed,
And failed to deeply look?”
“The Mooxie book gives warning to
All those who dare offend,
Who set a trap for others who
Receive them as a friend.”
“True, Ix was Noox, and you are Moox,
But Moox and Noox are moot.
Were you for Moox to exchange Noox,
The lesson’d not dilute.”
‘Tis hatred was the crime of Ix,
And hatred yours now, too.
And so what then? How shall we nix
This endless IOU?”
But nothing said the Mooxie son,
And nothing really changed.
The Moox a Noox will jettison—
Both clans are yet estranged.

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