if my life had a soundtrack

What do I mean by if?

Of course my life has a soundtrack. Ennio Morricone collaborated with John Williams, Thomas Newman, Harry Gregson-Williams and Vangelis. Cool soundtrack, eh?

Okay, so I listen to music all the time. And since my Yahoo LaunchCast station (that I’ve been nurturing and modifying for lo these last four years) is for some reason on strike, I’ve come to fall in love with iTunes. Especially since my brother gave me an Airport Extreme for my birthday and an Airport  Express for Christmas. I have this nice little commercial-free internet radio playing throughout my home all day. Yay me.

Stations that I write to or otherwise enjoy lately:

  • Groovera’s Ambient Popsicle and Low Mercury stations
  • SOMA FM’s Secret Agent and Groove Salad stations
  • ETN’s Trance and Progressive stations
  • Dance Radio’s Chillout Lounge
  • SKY’s New Age, Mostly Classical, Piano Jazz, Trance, Ambient, and Chillout stations

Any iTunes compatible stations you listen to?


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