my sister’s kids….

introducing Josh, Bekah, Alex, and Adryana. Goofs, all.

The dance-off. Best attempts herein: “the Q-tip,” “the lawnmower,” “tearing of the nip,” and Adryana’s invention—“the dead fish.”

Yo, keepin’ it live, keepin’ it real, MC’d by Wood Pecker (whose intro be too dark tuh see, so posted here it will not be) is “little Red.”

Little Red brings out her homie, Big Bird, who has this freakin’ skill of comin’ atchoo wit’ words a good three beats after her lips form ’em.

Yo. Comin’ atchoo, Little Red and da whole possie—Wood Pecker, Big Bird and Da Big Bad Wolf.

And finally, if you want to see how cute my eldest niece really is, when she’s not being a campy Big Bird dancing queen, here she is with her cousin.

Yeah. Most folks just share their wallet-sized. Not me. I don’t have any. I get to show you how goofy my little red-headed troope is. And of course, a send off to Rocky Horror. Sigh. I miss them all.


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