It’s a crazy, crazy time right now. My day is filled with researching the universities I’m applying to, writing cover letters, and trying to get a thing or two organized sufficiently to submit for publication. So it’s not that I don’t want to post anything here, rather, that I can’t justify the time for any serious discussion other than why you really, really want to hire me as your next tenure-track assistant professor. And you do. Really.

Still, a lot of thoughts have been pinging around my brain, craving release. So I thought that as a partial appeasement, I might post the questions that my unwritten postings want to treat.

  • When did it become ‘anti-American’ to voice a non-Republican point of view? Who gave the Republican Party the sole power over the American value system and national identity? And why?

  • How should we vote?

  • The story of the Fall is the story of the genesis of fear of ‘nakedness’ or vulnerability. And this fear is the driving force behind war, self-aggrandizing behaviors of all kinds, and prejudices. Why, in heaven’s name, do we the church still prefer fear over the vulnerability of faith in God and love (that ‘perfect love’ that ‘casts out fear’) for each other? And what does that say about our state of spiritual health, both individually and corporately?

  • A gay friend recently told me about a Facebook ‘friend’ who posted a snide, homophobic post on her page. We talked about these comments that he thinks are ‘all in good fun’ and ‘not meant to be offensive’—even though they are terribly hurtful. How does one respond? And what of those comments by straights who say “Well, you say you can’t help it, you don’t choose it, so what’s the deal about so-called ‘gay pride’? There’s nothing to be proud about, if you can’t control it.” How should one respond to this, without lowering to the graceless anger motivating the homophobe?

I’ve got a lot of thoughts on all three of these. Potentially long posts. But since I’ve no time to write, at present, I thought I’d throw these out there for your thoughts. In full Christian grace and Christlike love, if you were actually in your best spiritual place, how would you respond to any of these?


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