muse -ical influences

Since I should right now be working hard on sample syllabi and my dissertation presentation for my interviews in two weeks, I thought it good timing for me rather to make a list of recommended listening.

I have quite the eclectic taste, appreciating everything from the Anonymous 4 to Zero 7: including (and not limited to) jazz (Acoustic Alchemy), European electronica (Air), celtic (Altan), New Age (David Arkenstone), and contemporary Christian (Susan Ashton). And that’s just from the As on my very crowded CD shelves.

But since I’m currently writing and working, and since I generally have music going 24/7 around here, I thought I might here offer a (limited) list of the sorts of things I listen to while working, nowadays. Emphasis, by the way, on nowadays, since I could, of course, include Enya (who has a new Christmas album out I’d love to hear!), Moire (sometimes spelled Moya) Brennan, Dax Johnson, George Winston, Surface 10, Marconi Union, Keiko Matsui, The Taliesin Orchestra, Radiohead, Banco de Gaia, and many others.

But my current muse seems to take the form of chant-electronica or religio-electronica fusion, so here’s my top twelve in alphabetical order.


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