Monthly Archives: November 2012

raise up a child to grieve

On Facebook today, one of my acquaintances—a former friend from my churched days of yore—posted a status about her son, who is a very young teenager. She commented how she was proud of him becoming his own man, not bending to popular opinion.

She wrote that he was “pretty upset” by schoolyard conversations, and he asked her why Democrats “wanted to keep trying to legalize things that are forbidden in the Bible.” She was proud of him for being deeply upset, a “man after God’s heart,” and commented how he was mostly conflicted because these Democrats whom he had met on Capitol Hill were so nice, so caring—how his own family’s friends were Democrats who endorsed these abominable things, and how he was deeply grieved that they were so sincere about their political positions. He’s very sad.

And he’s “made a correlation” between those kids at school who swear, misbehave, and hold agnostic/atheistic beliefs and support for Obama.

She’s terribly proud of him for being so terribly upset.

And I’m terribly ashamed for her.

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on the cliff’s ragged face

I’m back. Or maybe I should better say, I’m still here. I’ve been here, of course, the whole time, and my journey has been long and arduous. Too painful to write about. Abandonment usually is. But I intend to begin climbing the rock face of Mount Doom again, perhaps to toss this ring of religious hypocrisy, hatred, and hurtful actions into the fires whence they were forged.