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the wooing of the wanderer: a love story

Once there was a large park, in which a variety of gardens were lovingly tended by a master gardener. Each garden had a number of beds, in which any kind of plant, blooming and non-blooming, could be found. There were formal gardens, filled with carefully-planned and symmetric beds, and herb gardens, populated by the most fantastic variety of edible blooming plants. There were sculpture gardens, decorated with the loveliest of shrubs, and cottage gardens, which seemed almost a riot of blossoms in a fantastic variety of colors, textures, and scents. And each garden was a haven not only to the plants that the gardener had chosen to grow there, but also to the many beings who buzzed about the blooms or wandered meditatively through the well-worn, tree-lined stone pathways that beckoned welcome to any with a love for nature.

In one bed, there was a certain blooming plant who, though beautiful beyond description, was equally fragile and required much individualized attention from the master gardener. Some extra mulching was needed in autumn seasons, and a constant eye was kept on her during winter storms, to make certain she would not be overwhelmed by the cold and bitter winds. And so, in the care of the master, she grew and even flourished, despite the harsh climate in which the park lay. She was so beautiful, in fact, that one day, a wanderer who chanced upon the park, was stopped in her tracks. Such a lovely bloom! she thought. And since there was a stone bench under a spreading willow beside the bed, the wanderer sat down and gazed long on the beautiful, though fragile plant.

The wanderer, of course, could not long stay. But she also could not forget the tender beauty of that blossom, and she found that her wanderings often returned her to that bench, to that plant. And she found herself drawn particularly to this plant because she was so fragile, so exquisite. And she would pay special attention to this one plant, eventually becoming blind to all the other beauty around her in the master’s lush park. All she could see was that bloom. And she decided she must have her.

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